Peridot Class

Welcome to our class!

Did you know?


The Peridot gemstone represents success, good fortune and loyalty!



  • This term our theme is "Out of this World"!
  • We've been thinking about SPACE!

In Science, we've learnt about the SUN, MOON & EARTH. We;ve thought about how the days, years and season are created.  Here's a photo of us leaning about moon phases in a blacked out classroom!


  • We also had a really exciting STARGAZING SLEEPOVER!
  • We played space-themed games, made flying saucers, had late night stargazing and midnight spacefilms and midnight snacks.  It was so much fun that we even managed to get to sleep before 2am!
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For one of our art activities we listened to The Planets suite by Holst.  We thought about how the pieces, 'Jupiter - the bringer of jollity', 'Mars- the bringer of war', 'Venus - the bringer of peace' and 'Uranus - The Magician', made us feel and used paint to create interesting colours and patterns.

Then we cut up our painting to create space collages for display in the hall!

Check out our work in process!