Peridot Class

Welcome to our class!

Did you know?


The Peridot gemstone represents success, good fortune and loyalty!



  • This term our theme our topic has been WATER WORLD!

In Science we've been thinking about how water behaves in it's three diffrerent states; ice, liquid and water vapour!  We've thought baout how evaporation and condensation make up the water cycle and learnt a brlliant rap and song to help us remember!

We though about how water is is transported so comunities can have access.. here are a couple of pictures of us experimenting with home made aquaducts!

IMG 0278  IMG 0270


We've learnt about River systems and floods. 
In DT we made models of the Thames Flood Barrier.  We had to learn how to make prper wooden joins, use saws and cutting knives!  Watch this space for pictures of the finished models!


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