Peridot Class

Welcome to our class!

Did you know?


The Peridot gemstone represents success, good fortune and loyalty!



  • This term we went all arty!

    Using Greece and the Greeks as our inspiration we have created some super art work.

    We looked at repeating patterns, Greek vases and different art mediums. See some of the displays we created around school!


In autumn, around Harvest time, we went out and collected various autumnal items from nature to create real life collages. 
It was like bringing the outside inside! It was lots of fun!

We took photos and later on we used pastels and chalks to recreate the collages on paper.  Here are some photos of us at the "creative stage"!



At Christmas, we had so much fun putting on our Christmas play: "Mrs Humbug Bans Christmas!"


And on the last day we went crazy with an end of term disco!