Roman Banquet

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the Romans during this term.  We have found out about their lifestyles, culture and most importantly the food they would have eaten.  To celebrate our topic we invited our parents to join us for a Roman feast of bread, cheese, olives, dates, figs, passionfruit and almonds.  Many of us tried foods that we had never tasted, and most were pleasantly surprised!  


 Roman Lincoln 

Lindum Colonia was a very important town during the Roman times, which we learnt during a visit to the uphill remains in Lincoln.  We found all sorts of evidence to tell us the Roman's had been there including long, straight roads, Roman walls and the ruins left behind from Roman gateways. 

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The Collection  

After our visit to the remains of Lindum Colonia we walked down steep hill, through the old Roman Northgate to The Collection museum.  Whilst we were there we learnt to march like the Roman Army, find evidence of Rom settlements like archealogists and make a mosaic picture.  We all had a brilliant day and learnt so much.


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