HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome back to a new school year.  This term our class are learning all about the Romans.  We are particularly looking forward to finding out where they came from, what they taught us and how they lived their lives.  


Our class spent a fantastic day visiting Lincoln, or Lindum Colonia as it was known during Roman times.  We went to a hidden Roman gateway in the middle of Lincoln city centre.  The gateway has since been hidden as modern buildings have been built above it.  We enjoyed making some models and discovering all about the Posterngate.  Then we went to The Collection Museum where we found many displays about Roman legionaries, Roman ways of life and the legacy they left us. We also saw a beautiful mosaic flooring design which was found buried under the site of the museum from the Roman period.  During the afternoon we went into the Bailgate area of Lincoln and investigated the ruins of Eastgate, Westgate, the well in the Roman forum and Newport Arch. 

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Archaeological Dig 

Amethyst class were invited to take part in a archaeological dig to see if we could find any Roman treasure buried underneath our school.  We really enjoyed using the equipment and finding lots of artefacts.  Then we found out what our treasure was and investigated how old it was, and how valuable! Some bits were very exciting!

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Our class have nearly completed our Ancient Rome topic so we celebrated our topic with a Roman style banquet.  We were very adventurous and brave by trying unfamiliar foods such as olives, vine leaves, grape juice and dried figs.  Luckily we had some bread, cheese, cold meats, apples, pears, grapes and ribena which were more familiar!

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