Welcome to Diamond Class

Here our little gems start to sparkle as they take their first steps in school life. We believe that we should work hard, and play hard. Our teacher says we’re brilliant at both!!!!!!

TL1  TR1 

We love the sunny weather and having the chance to play outside.

The autumn leaves were great fun in the wind; we threw them in the air and made a new wall to surround our playground!

 2TL 2TR 
 2BL  2BR

For Children in Need we loved coming to school in our pyjamas and having breakfast with our friends.

 3L  3R

Can you tell who our little Pudsey Bears are?





Before we knew it Christmas was fast approaching. We rehearsed hard to put on a wonderful performance, all our families said how proud they were of our clear speaking, lovely singing and of course not forgetting our groovy dancing!! No-one has seen Bethlehem swarmed by bees before!!! Buzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

 4L  4M  4R

We also went to perform for the residents at Chestnuts Home in the village, they always like it when we go to sing for them and they made us some delicious cakes for our journey home.

We love getting out and about in our community, every week we have been visiting our village library. Look who was there for one of our visits!!


It’s a good job we are well behaved and know how to sit quietly to enjoy a story. We have to be quiet in a library. Sssshhhhhh!!

 6L 6R 

And we have to be careful when we are walking, always looking and listening to what’s going on around us.

And of course we love inviting people into school to see us too!

First of all the Fire Engine came, that was great fun! And we managed to water all the plants at the same time too.

 7TL 7TM  7TR 
 7BL   7BR 

And then Barry came to visit from a local judo club.

 8L 8R 

This term we have be learning about Under the Sea. We have been talking about Octopus, Whales, Dolphins and Jelly Fish, and finding out about life on the reef. We Have an Under the Sea cave in our classroom (and of course found time for some pirate play!) One afternoon we imagined we were Under the Sea, we looked at some clips on the white board, shared a range of interesting words and ideas, and lay quietly as we listened to a piece of music to help our imaginations. Well it started of quietly until we were squirted with a water pistol!!! (Who did that!?!) But that did help us to remember the waves, ripples and splashes of the sea. Then we all continued to listen to sea sounds as we had an afternoon of Expressive Arts and Design.

  9TL 9TR
 9BL 9BR 

But we are never too busy in the classroom to miss out on anything going on. Here we are enjoying ourselves on Pancake Day.

Yummy chocolate sauce!!!

 10TL 10TR 

But of course they are not just for eating!

 10BL 10BR 

Oopps!! Who is hiding behind this one?


And of course we loved taking part in World Book Day. I wonder if you can guess which story we are from?

 11TL 11TR 
 11BL  11BR

We are now looking forward to some warmer weather to make the most of all our learning areas, working hard and playing harder (though we are such superstars this could be either way round really!) We are looking forward to Easter and our Easter Egg Hunt too!!!!!

 12-1 12-2 
 12-3  12-4
 12-5  12-6
 12-7  12-8

Bye bye for now from Diamond Class.

Keep on sparkling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!