Welcome To Sapphire Class!

sapphire 2014-15 001pixi 

This term the children came back to find their classroom empty! All the tables and chairs had been removed and a map planned out on the floor. There were mountains, forests, plains and a swamp. There was even a river running across the classroom and a place called 'Teacherville' on the otherside of it.

This is all to help our understanding of how one houseends up becoming a city. Over the next few weeks one child will get a 'house' (cleverly disguised as a chair!) and chose where in the classroom they would like to live and work. We will be putting pictures onto the blog to show the development of the classroom.

We will also be getting very dirty making our own wattle and daub round house, modelled on pictures of houses from the Ironage.

In history we will be researching the local scientist Sir Isaac Newton. Finding out where he lived and what he did that was so amazing.