Emerald Class





The emerald has been a gem of fascination in many cultures for over six thousand years.

It is so prized, that carat for carat, a fine emerald may be two to three times as valuable as a diamond.

So let’s find out what your little gems are getting up to this term.

Summer Term Curriculum

I hope you all enjoyed the Easter break and are looking forward to the Summer Term.

This term is our Sciences term when we will cover science, DT and Computing that will be linked to our ‘Water World’ topic.

I am  keen to ensure all children progress and are happy during their time at school so please feel free to discuss any questions or issues with me as they arise.  I am usually free at the end of the school day if you want to talk with me.

This term we are going to spend a lot of time working on mental arithmetic, spelling, punctuation and grammar and phonics. This may involve extra work being sent home.



This term we will investigate explanation texts, non chronological reports and the understanding of non fiction texts. The children are  learning about rivers and creating explanation texts based upon their own research. They will use their marking ladders to ensure they achieve the key features of the genre and then print out their work on a word document in our ICT suite. Our next main unit of learning will be report writing when we will use the school ipads to research famous rivers around the world and create non chronological reports to then turn into word documents for our classroom display. The children are also in the process of completing their project homework based on the geography and history of a river that they find fascinating.

This term we continuing to  concentrate on phonics to assist with the children’s spelling and reading. Both Miss Couling and I are working together to enable all of the children of Amethyst and Emerald to progress with their reading age and their understanding of a variety of texts. I hope to soon be able to make Friday’s spelling tests horrendously difficult!!

I have recently identified gaps in the children’s comprehension skills and will, therefore,discuss the  use of skimming and scanning techniques to improve their understanding.


The children have really enjoyed the independent learning aspects of numeracy and that will continue this term. they all have a secure knowledge of place value and the four operations. I was impressed with their grasp of fractions and decimal numbers. This term the children will be learning about geometry, that will include the understanding and calculation of perimeters and areas of rectilinear shapes, lines of symmetry and internal angles . We will continue to revise place value and the four operations and solidify their understanding of fractions and decimals. The children will also spend time investigating problems and reasoning as this will assist them to have a greater understanding of mathematical processes.


Throughout this term the children will be learning about the water cycle and the states of matter. We will be researching the freezing points and  melting points of solid as well as investigating hydro electric power and the importance of an efficient water cycle. The children will also be looking at reversible and irreversible changes. We have already started the unit on states of matter and their understanding of particles and fair testing has been very impressive.


The children are also researching  rivers. They have investigated why settlements evolved around rivers and are now looking at the physical geography around the journey of rivers. I have been delighted with the childrens quality of work and enthusiasm. I have been particularly impressed with their recollection of key and technical vocabulary and I look forward to the high quality project that they research and produce.


The children continue to make huge strides both academically and emotionally and I am very proud of their attitude.

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