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This section of our web site is written solely by the children in our web site team. We are encouraging them to take a more active role in our school profile and web site.



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What did the mother buffalo say to her son when he went to school?



What’s yellow and dangerous?

Shark infested custard.


What’s yellow and sings?

Lark infested custard.


What’s yellow and goes woof woof?

Bark infested custard.


What’s not yellow but still dangerous?

Shark infested yoghurt.


What’s yellow and grey smells of bananas and is not dangerous?

A shark eating some banana custard, but don’t worry, he won’t

 bite, because banana custard is quite filling


What’s yellow mushy and smells of bananas?

Shark sick.




When we Are all asleep in bed

My uncle frank unscrews his head

He fixes on another one and sets off for a night of fun.


It really gave me quite a jolt,

The first time that I saw the bolt,

Which uncle proudly showed to me

in the cellar after tea


He says the reason for his fame

Is that we share a famous name

Oh, I forgot to tell you mine,

Our family name is Frankenstein.



Down in the jungle where the grass grows green,

A black cat sat on a sewing machine,

The sewing machine began to hum

And put 56 stitches in the black cat’s bum!



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