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Welcome to Diamond Class!!!

We are thrilled that you have come to visit (we always love visitors!!).

Prepare to see us Sparkle!!!

To see us out and about take a look at Twitter @ali_winchelsea

If are visiting this page with a view to making a school choice for your child (scary times I know!) please be aware that we do not hold Open Days. We do however welcome you to come and visit us, see the school in action, meet the children and staff and ask any questions that may be relevant to you and your child.

Please give us a call, we can arrange a suitable time and I look forward to meeting you.

You can look at our curriculum by following this link: Early Years Curriculum Plan

About Diamond Class


A huge welcome to Diamond Class.

You are now entering Early Years and the place that our littlest Winchelsea pupils start their learning journey. This is where our little gems start to sparkle as they take their first steps in school life, whether they be Nursery or Reception. Our classroom is not about the age group, it is about your child! Where are they now, where do they need to go next and how can we have the most fun on the journey to get there. We believe that we should work hard, and play hard. Our teacher says we’re brilliant at both, and we love working together as a team where we are encouraged to take care of each other and the world around us.


In Diamond class we like to believe the sky is the limit if we only try our best!

We love to be busy in our classroom, maybe working with an adult, maybe exploring with our friends or maybe developing our own ideas. Whichever it is there is never a dull moment! Our classroom needs to feel like home and it needs to feel like ours. We proudly display our work, models and pictures, and love to be surrounded by colour to brighten our days. We like learning about lots and lots of things and have very inquisitive minds. In fact sometimes our teacher has to talk about something completely different than she planned, when little people have questions we need to find answers!!! But that’s what makes Diamond fun, having chance to investigate the things that interest us, the things that inspire us, in this way our days can be filled with learning and exploring together.



Recently like all we have been impacted upon by Covid 19 and had to find new ways to learn remotely. Wherever we have been, in the classroom, at home or a mixture of the two we have worked together as a team to support each other, keep our spirits up and our smiles in place. We did an amazing job, but were keen to be back in the classroom. Even the village ducks were thrilled to hear schools would be fully open, in fact they were first at the door!!

Now we are all back together we don’t want those smiles to go anywhere!  We are going to make the most of every moment and make sure that this year leaves us with positive memories to look back on.  There is a short time to fit lots in, but we like a challenge!!  Let’s go!!!

Our fantastic outdoor areas are central to learning in Diamond Class. We are lucky enough to have a garden area for den building and mud play and an area that we can use in all weathers. Free flow between the classroom and our enclosed playground happens daily, with children having opportunity to access all areas of learning both inside and out.  We love being on our climbing frame, playing in the water, dressing up and pretend play.  The village ducks will often waddle by and when Mummy duck has her babies, it seems they have to come come to school too!  When March 8th and a full school return was looking, the ducks were the first to the door!  They help us to develop our maths work, but we have to count so many times as they never keep still for long!!



We also love the world beyond our classroom and have missed it this year. Usually we are very proud of our school and village. We love visiting the park, Horseshoe Hollow, the nursing home, local shops and thinking about how we can take care of the special people and places in our lives. Although we may not have visited them together as social distancing hasn’t allowed, our home learning tasks have still encouraged us to explore with our families. We are proud of our village.

We like to take part in events, we love the sporting opportunities that come our way through our partnership with Carre’s Grammar Outreach, we have enjoyed Children in Need, World Book Day and Remembrance. Our next event is for Comic Relief, here we celebrate Superheroes! Will we be Spiderman or Batman? In our world today might I be a nurse, doctor, farmer or shop assistant. Or maybe we will come as ourselves as we have been heroes in our own way to get through this last year.


Feel free to come and visit us one day, but take care if we offer you coffee and a cake, it will most likely be coming from our mud kitchen!!





Subjects we're working on this term:
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Diamond Class Images


This is where we will add pictures of the class doing different activities throughout the year. This is only a few, you can see more on the gallery page though!

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